All our  drone flights comply to UK regulations and are conducted within the scope of our CAA permission for Aerial Drone Work. 

In addition to our operating licence, we also have Public Liability Insurance up to £10 million and our working ethics have been independently vetted for Health & Safety competency.

Our safety record is second to none

Our Pilots are fully qualified and have at least five years’ experience.

We have a selection of Drones of different sizes and capabilities which are able to cater for the full range of small cameras and production budgets right up to high end cinema drones.

Our largest aircraft can carry a choice of camera and lens packages including the  Sony F55, Arri Alexa Mini, and the Red Dragon or Weapon.

Flying Cameras is happy to be working with the very talented Paul Duvall for our drone operations

Paul Duvall bio shot 2.jpg
Inspire 2 with X5s

Inspire 2 with X5s


Paul is a fully qualified drone pilot CAA Approved (PFCO) EU Regulation (EC) No 785/2004

"My journey into filming and photography began with Landscapes. I am a published, award winning, professional landscape photographer. I see incredible beauty in nature, I am connected to it, and I do my best to perform this in my imagery. I want my viewers to feel the majesty, energy and mysticism I feel when I’m shooting on location.

Over the last 18 months I have found a new love, aerial cinematography!! I have found an extension to my creativity that still photography cannot match. My passion is infectious and my soul aim is simply to share this energy with my audience."

Please call 07971020088  to discuss your drone requirements.